Rooftop Patio.

Each rental suite includes a deck for your morning espresso, but if you want to connect with friends, practice yoga, or enjoy an elevated perspective, our rooftop patio is the place. Escape the business of life with a view of the sky and your surrounding neighborhood.


Fitness Center.

Our second-floor fitness centre supports your exercise routine with all the essential equipment. Rain or shine, you can still get in a good sweat. Featuring indoor and outdoor space for your training, you’ll be able to save on the gym membership by working out at home.


Main floor patio.

Options for entertaining your guests aren’t limited to your new suite! With barbecues, lounge seating, a playground, and even a fern grotto, this is a great place to get outside and recharge. Chill with the kids, enjoy a good book, and soak in the sun with a cool drink.

With barbecues, lounge seating, a playground, and even a fern grotto, this is a great place to get outside and recharge.


Secure Parking.

Leave the street parking for your guests. All parking at Park Vista is underground, a plus in any weather. The parkade’s secure gate ensures your property is kept safe. If cycling is your thing, there are two designated rooms for storing your ride. Motorists with electric vehicles will have access to convenient EV charging on site.


Amenities room.

Located on the top floor and adjacent to the rooftop patio, you’ve got an alternate go-to spot for hosting friends and family whenever you might need a bit more space. Movie nights, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and more. Everything you need is right there for your next private group get-together.


In-suite laundry.

Gone are the days of having to wait for shared clothes washers and dryers. No more visits to the local laundromat! Every rental at Park Vista includes appliances for in-suite laundry. A massive bonus for anyone who’s ever gone without.



Park Vista understands that busy parents don’t always have time for a trip to the local park. That’s okay because you’ve got a built-in backyard playground at Park Vista. Located on the main floor patio, this is a place where parents and kids can get outside for a bit of fun.


Community Garden.

Gardening is an excellent activity for clearing the mind, meeting your neighbours, and getting some fresh air. Tending a plot reduces stress and improves your mood. You don’t have to have a green thumb to experience the satisfaction of growing your own fresh herbs and vegetables at home.


The Details.

Park Vista is NOT your average apartment building! Each architectural element and practical feature have been carefully thought out to create a bold new standard for rental properties in the Lower Mainland.

A bright, spacious double-height lobby welcomes you into the building where you’ll have your choice of two elevators to take you to your floor.

From the air-conditioned suites to the innovative solar power rooftop panels, Park Vista is loaded with extras to make your life easier. With abundant amenities, rich design, and a desirable location, Park Vista creates a rewarding tenant experience for all.

Request a Viewing Today

Early 2024 is not that far away! By the time the building physically opens its doors to the public, it may be too late to secure a spot. Get on the list now and be among the first to see the completed building. There is no financial commitment necessary until you’re ready to rent.